Why Chicken Vicken is your best choice?

Chicken Vicken Store

Who we are and what we do:

Chicken Vicken is a fresh new endeavour by Baramati Agro. We carry forward the philosophy of providing our beloved customers the best possible products and providing health, taste and convenience. We pride ourselves on the fact that we sell the most tender and fresh chicken. We sell a variety of chicken cuts to suit every preparation need. Be it main course or starters, we provide fresh chicken for all occasions.

Self-Sourced Fresh, Healthy and Hygienic Chicken. Farm to fork process:
Since 1988, our chicken comes from the finest farms of Baramati. They provide us with the best quality fresh chickens which are bred, fed and taken care of in state of the art facilities. You can rest assured of the quality, health and hygiene of the products we sell here. We take complete care to ensure that the finest reaches you from farm to fork!

Jancho Parkho Khareedo – One shouldn’t believe anything unless they see it. We pride on the quality of our chicken and we urge all our patrons to come and check it for themselves. Because we care for you and we know that the best chicken recipes are possible only when the quality of the chicken is the best. So go ahead and be a master chef! 

We know our chicken – We know our chicken because we grow our chicken. We are the chicken experts and you will always be the happiest with our chicken quality and freshness in addition to our hygienic stores

27 checks – We do stringent quality checks and we have a list of 27 checks that our chicken passes before we provide it for you. In addition to this, we have a well trained staff that ensures that you get nothing but the best, be it quality, freshness or hygiene.

 Do visit your nearest Chicken Vicken store and buy the freshest, most tender chicken and make the best choice! There’s a lot in store for you!