Why is Chicken Vicken special? Come check it out yourselves!

Chicken Shop

Chicken Vicken is a flagship fresh and chilled chicken brand from the well-established brand Baramati Agro. Chicken Vicken is a rapidly growing chain of branded chicken outlets with 300+ existing outlets all across Maharashtra. We also have 200 more outlets coming up in the recent future.

Why Chicken Vicken?

  • We are a branded chain that assures quality and trust. 
  • Rest assured that you will get the freshest and most hygienic chicken.
  • We have the cleanest stores that everyone will feel comfortable to visit.
  • We have premium quality, fibreless chicken that is most tender and juicy.
  • We ensure quality as we have an integrated ecosystem of farms and poultry. (We know our chicken because we grow our chicken)
  • You get premium quality meat at affordable prices.

We have a stringent systems and processes protocol that each and every Chicken Vicken shop follows thereby ensuring that we provide nothing but the best for our customers. Do make a point to visit any Chicken Vicken store near you and you will always have a delightful experience. We have a policy of ‘Jaancho, Parkho aur Khareedo’ which means that we are so confident about the quality of our products that we request you to be fully satisfied yourselves before you make any purchase. At chicken Vicken stores we have a wide variety of fresh and frozen products that cater to all needs and suit all moods! We also have Elicious and Freshious frozen products to offer at Chicken Vicken store. Elicious and Freshious have a wide range of non veg and vegetarian frozen products.

We all know that only good quality chicken makes the best recipes. So make it a point to visit your nearest Chicken Vicken store because there’s a lot in store for you!  

Check us out on our store locator find your nearby shops. You can also avail exciting offers and win amazing prizes if you keep yourself updated. It’s no wonder that we have an amazing number of 500000+ delighted consumers!