What Makes Chicken Vicken a Top Choice? Know the Process

Baramati Agro’s latest venture is Chicken Vicken. We uphold the philosophy of providing the best products possible to our valued customers while also ensuring their health, taste, and convenience. We take pride in selling the most tender and fresh chicken available. We sell a wide range of chicken cuts to meet all of your preparation needs. We provide fresh chicken for all occasions, whether it’s the main course or a starter. We are a rapidly expanding retail chain with over 300 locations in Maharashtra.

Why Our Chicken: What Makes Chicken Vicken a Top Choice

We sell fresh, tender, hygienically cleaned chicken at Chicken Vicken. Customers receive a variety of cuts to meet their various cooking requirements. Along with the fresh chicken, we sell eggs under the EGGcite brand, a wide variety of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat chicken products under the delicious brand, and a variety of tasty vegetarian ready-to-cook products under the Freshious brand, as well as other related products to meet all of your chicken needs.

1. Hatchery

We make certain that the temperature and moisture levels are just right. The hatchery must ensure the production of high-quality fertile eggs while also maintaining and operating the hatchery in the most efficient, precise, and biosecure environment possible. We must get the timing right, from the time the eggs are received until they are placed in the machines as it affects the quality of the chicks.

2. Weight and Size

To maintain quality, we constantly monitor the weight and size of the chickens. It is critical to reaching the target weight of broiler chickens to maximise their potential. Achieving a healthy weight improves performance parameters such as final live weight and feed conversion while also ensuring low overall mortality.

3. Healthy Chicks

We see to it that all the chicks are monitored closely to ensure they are healthy. It is critical to keep the chickens healthy at all times to produce proper, healthy full-grown chickens. They are constantly screened to detect any early signs of illness so that we do not deliver lower-quality produce.

4. Growth

We ensure we give nutritious food from our feed mills provided for rearing broiler birds. It is important only they are given quality feed and from our feed mills which in turn help them grow healthy. We only provide the best feed to our chickens.

5. Rearing by Farmers

We help to empower 1500 farmer Families
The baby chicks are given to the farmer for rearing and under expert supervision and the poultry sheds are constructed ideally by doctor’s recommendations. The farmers ensure to follow the given protocols while rearing the chicks and instructions to give the best care.

6. Chicken Selection

The chickens are sent to the factory when they reach the correct age, which is usually within four to six weeks. We must pick only the best chickens to be sent to the factory so that our customers only have quality produce. An intensive checking is done to select the best chickens and we see as per the requirements we set they are picked.

7. Chicken Processing

The chicken is cleaned and dressed in a sanitary and safe environment before being delivered to stores in refrigerated vans. We ensure all our equipment’s and instruments are hygienic and sanitized. We ensure all our chickens are properly checked and clean so that we only give a good product to be delivered to our customers.

Bottom Line

Get the best quality chicken with a super clean hassle-free store experience. We take pride in knowing our chickens because we raise them ourselves. Since 1988, our chicken has been sourced from the finest farms in Baramati. In cutting-edge facilities, they breed, feed, and care for fresh chickens of the highest quality. Our products are of excellent quality, are safe, and are hygienic. You can count on us to ensure that the best reaches you from farm to your plates! We ensure to have 100% healthy, hygienic and fresh produce to keep our customers always happy. It is our mission to ensure that only the best quality is served.

Where Can You Find Us?

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