Top 10 Reasons to Own a Chicken Vicken Franchise?

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We are a profitable retail chain with over 300 stores in Maharashtra. We are a solid franchise investment that places a premium on quality and trust. This is a fruitful, healthy, and mutually beneficial partnership, not just a fantastic business opportunity.
As per our studies if you take total Maharashtra state Chicken category size is 4.8 million tons. The organized sector is estimated at 2% of the category which is 10 k tons and is expected to grow @ 8 to 10% CAGR till 24-25.

Why Own a Chicken Vicken Franchise?

We are proven to be a successful business model. We have become customers’ one-stop destination for chicken needs. With minimum investment get maximum profit. We have over 30 years plus experience in poultry farming. We have complete control of the supply chain and product quality.
Chicken Vicken sells fresh, tender, hygienically cleaned chicken. Customers can choose from a variety of cuts to meet their cooking needs. We also sell eggs under the EGGcite brand, a variety of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat chicken products under the Delicious brand, and a variety of tasty vegetarian ready-to-cook products under the Freshious brand, as well as other related products.
Here are the 10 reasons why you should own a Chicken Vicken franchise:
1. 30+ Years Of Experience In The Chicken Business
We have been in this industry for over 30 years. And it is our mission to provide our customers with only high-quality chicken. We have learnt and grown from our experience in the chicken business to always improve and strive for the production of the best chickens to our customers in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

2. Speciality Store From Baramati Agro Ltd
Our chicken is sourced from the best farms in Baramati. They provide us with high-quality fresh chickens that are bred, fed, and cared for in cutting-edge facilities.

3. We Know Our Chicken Because We Grow Our Chicken
To ensure we give only the best to our customers. We grow our chicken with the best facilities to provide quality produce. To ensure that we only provide the best chicken to our customers, we raise the chicks on our own until they are full grown healthy chickens, allowing us to ensure their quality before they are given to processing.

4. Minimum Investment & Maximum Profit
With just minimum investment get the maximum returns with our business chains. You can invest at a low cost without fear of incurring large losses and, as a result, earn a higher return on your initial investment. This becomes not only a business but also a part of our brand, where we all support one another’s a success.

5. The Best Quality Feed Used
Only the best quality feed is used for broiler chicken. We make certain that the food provided by our feed mills for rearing broiler birds is nutritious. It is critical that they only receive high-quality feed from our feed mills, which will help them grow healthy. We only feed our chickens the best feed available.

6. Quality Control From Farm-To-Fork
We have complete quality control over our products and supply chain. We promote quality consciousness by satisfying customers and lowering production costs by the most efficient use of resources.

7. Effective Supply Chain Management
It involves the flow of goods and services efficiently. This is to ensure our supply management is effectively run from the production point of the goods to the point of delivery to all our Chicken Vicken branches.

8. ISO 9001 Certified Plant
We are an ISO 9001 certified plant which means to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

9. ISO 22000 Certified Plant
We are also certified by ISO 22000 plant which means requirements for a food safety management system. It outlines what an organisation must do to demonstrate its ability to control food safety hazards and ensure the safety of food.

10. Halal Certified Products
All our products are Halal Certified. The halal certification assures consumers that the food products are produced per Islamic Laws, as well as being clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly, and animal welfare-friendly.

Bottom Line

Nearly everyone enjoys chicken, and it is readily available at reasonable prices throughout the country. It is India’s most organised animal agriculture sector. Government policies and campaigns on food safety, hygiene, public health, and the environment will aid the growth of organised chicken retailers. Customers are greeted and delighted by a clean, comfortable, and sanitary retail environment. Organised retail has seen robust growth due to rising disposable incomes.

Get Your Chikn Shop Franchise Now!

Now is the time to partner with Chicken Vicken and become a part of our brand. We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with you. We offer you excellent business opportunities with a bright future.